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Welcome to Great Ideas for Teaching, Inc!
A little company with “great” products in the area of speech-language pathology and other communication disorders!

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WE ARE CURRENTLY EXPERIENCING DIFFICULTIES WITH OUR  1-800 FAX LINE.  The  local fax (910-256-4493) is working.  You may fax us at this numbers until we have the fax issue resolved.  You may also reach us by email at

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 Featured Products

Save 15% on these large (6″ x 8″) photographic learning cards.  Each set has 68 photographs on 34 front/back cards featuring personal activities, various social situations and other unique photos and experiences.   Great story starters or they can be adapted to practice social language.  Excellent for all ages!  (Available but not pictured:  NS9002 Advanced Set and NS 9019 Emotions)

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