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Welcome to Great Ideas for Teaching, Inc!
A little company with “great” products in the area of speech-language pathology and other communication disorders!

Front Page News

We are excited to be the exclusive U.S. distributor of the exceptional Tasks Galore resource books.  These full-color resource books are perfect for all students on the Autism Spectrum.  Visit the “Shop Our Catalog” category!

Our March bonus buy was so successful we’ve decided to extend it another month!  Spend $30.00 and receive a FREE copy of “Auditory Processing of Early Language Comprehension Skills” during the month of April.  (Bonus buy only available on orders shipped within the United States.) 

This reproducible workbook is designed to develop auditory processing comprehension skills in multiple areas, such as; general comprehension, following directions, sentence completion, time and spatial details, etc.  60 pages.  Ages: 6-9

Click on the image below for more information and sample pages.