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No-Glamour Junior Answering Questions


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From LinguiSystems/Pro-Ed

This reproducible workbook aids students in developing language skills with cut-and-paste story sequences that guide them to answer questions and tell their own stories.  Lessons include:

  • amusing, illustrated story sequences
  • hierarchy of wh-question difficulty
  • student cut-and-paste activities
  • guided lessons to help students transition to story-telling

Language skills addressed:  wh-question comprehension and answering, sequencing, syntax, vocabulary, thinking and problem solving and predicting and inferring.

The 45 lessons progress in this order:

  • Activity 1:  Children listen to a three-part story and follow along by looking at the story pictures.  They answer the wh-questions at three different levels (basic content questions, inference questions and problem solving/predicting and expansion questions.
  • Activity 2:  Children construct their own story loosely based on the story in the first activity.  WH-questions are provided to help with the narrative.
  • Activity 3:  Children sequence the pictures they selected in Activity 2 to make a three, four, or five-party story.

Ages:  4 -9      Grades:  PreK-4



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