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Developing Awareness of Similarities and Differences


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By Jean Gilliam DeGaetano

This unit goes beyond basic classification skills as it helps students learn to recognize more subtle characteristics in various objects, animals, and people. 

Examples:  “A cat has fur. Point to another animal that has fur.”  “A cow has horns. Point to another animal that has horns.” 

Stimulate more responses by asking, “Why did you choose the goat?” (Answer:  It has horns.)  Additional questions can be asked, such as; “Why didn’t you choose the squirrel?” (Answer: It doesn’t have horns.)  Being able to verbalize “why” and “why not” answers is a basic step to learning how to expand and give reasons.

Excellent practice in recognizing visual characteristics that are similar and different.  120 reproducible pages.  Grades: PreK-2nd


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